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First Nations designers Linda Lavallee & Luugigyoo Patrick Stewart from Montreal Lake Cree Nation, will make their New York debut under the label 'creenisgaa clothing' on the runway at Couture Fashion Week. To view video, click Gallery on top.
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cree nisgaa Catalogue

The designs on the boots range from traditional graphic West Coast First Nations artwork to
Plains Metis floral designs. Taking cues from nature, their design repertoire includes the
killer whale, raven, flowers, hummingbirds, and tree designs. Cory the artist also creates contemporary designs geared to appeal to youth. Boot-making at creenisgaa is based on footware & leatherwork experience handed down from mother to daughter for generations. Each & every pair of boots are created following a protocol of smudging & prayer - For those who wear our boots be protected & walk in health. Creating a pair of boots is a lengthy task, roughly 6-8 weeks from the day you order, but well worth the wait.


cree nisgaa Catalogue

Interested in viewing more of what creenisgaa clothing has to offer? View our catalogue below.

This is the creenisgaa Clothing Second Edition of the 2015 Catalogue. It is expanded with NEW designs & accessories for 2015. The prices have also been revised to reflect the reality within which we find ourselves.

Catalogue View: | Here |
Downloads: | PDF | Word |

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There are several ways that creenisgaa clothing do money transfers & plan to find other ways for safe secure transactions from one party to another.

Since we have started, we have been using Interac E-Transfer transactions, along with the option to use PayPal. In the future, there will be more options for our customers to choose from. Until then, please be patient.


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That all cree nisgaa boots are custom-made to fit PERFECTLY to our customers needs? They range from Bison, Elk, & Cow. They also include a design of Patrick Stewart or Cory LaVallee's amazing artwork.

Ever since the creation of creenisgaa, there has been media buzz, continuous events & celebrities rocking our mocks.

Can you guess who this Celeb this is below?

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